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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ShowTex Event Zone

Kabuki 30 reveal systems drop XL fabric to reveal brand-new buidling
Cutout blackout fabrics on a custom-bent OrientTrack rail system for Floriade Expo
The Galileo Project - Touring open air cinema - Outdoor projection screen
Inflatable projection spheres at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai
XL projections on outdoor Cielorama scrims at Sky Song
Golden mirrorfoil ceiling decorations and printed voile expo design
GiantMirror mirrorfoil kaleidoscope effect
Large scale event decoration at LOS40 Music Awards
Custom coloured stretch fabrics mask the installation at the 50the UAE National Day
Acoustic multi-layered curtain set-up for the M+ Museum
Projections on fabrics spice up this fashion show
GiantMirror Icosahedron

从印刷画布、投影屏幕,到物美价廉的展示布料,抑或轨道及幕布悬挂系统, 我们的产品都能完美配合您的需求!



我们的环保产品包括了Oeko-Tex 100认证的织物,适合可持续性发展的活动使用。